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Susan Chase

Susan Chase

Au.D., CCC-A

Susan Chase, the Chief Audiologist, joined Professional Hearing Aid Associates on March 25, 2019. Ms. Chase is a nationally certified Audiologist who graduated Magna Cum Laude with her Bachelor’s degree from City University of New York, Brooklyn College. Furthermore, she earned her Masters of Arts Degree from University of Maryland, College Park. After serving as Senior Audiologist for Public Health; Educational Audiologist statewide; collaborating in research and development of hearing aids; training specialist; and serving as CEO of Audiology Consultants, Inc., Ms. Chase retired from service to the State of Delaware in January, 2019. Realizing soon after retirement that she still had a great deal of unique skills and information to offer, she sought employment after relocating to South Carolina to be closer to family.

Ms. Chase believes that retirement is using the remainder of her life to improve her patients’ quality of life by educating them about the effects of their hearing loss, empowering them to action, and encouraging them to re-engage in the hearing world fully through use of hearing aids. Ms. Chase’s goal is for every one of her patients to believe that they are being treated as she would treat her parents, who are now deceased. She strives for her patients to realize that they are part of the Professional Hearing Aid Associates family.


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